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Our Research Team

Multidisciplinary. Collaborative. Innovative.

We collaborate with various researchers and partners with our research.

Our cave archaeologists

Our highly experienced core cave archaeologists, past and present, form an integral part of our excavation team, working in confined underground spaces, in the retrieval of artefacts and cave bones, and recording within each cave site.


Emma Hawkes (2023+)

Cave archaeologist, CSG


Brooke Driscoll (UNB) (2024+)

Cave archaeologist

SUI Cork Speleological Group

Members of the Cork Speleological Group look after our safety in the caves where we work, as well as providing essential support in terms of cave mapping and in our cave explorations. They assist us with our work inside caves and we are beyond grateful for all their help and their important partnership and collaboration with us at every level. Many members of the CSG and other caving clubs that are on site with us, are also members of the Irish Cave Rescue Organisation (ICRO). So we are in very safe hands!

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