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Names in bold are members of our team

Carden R & Lewis H (2010). Preliminary assessment of the archive of faunal remains from excavated Irish cave sites. Report for the Heritage Council (Grant Ref. No. R00359).

Carden RF, McDevitt AD, Zachos FE, Woodman PC, O'Toole P, Rose H, Monaghan NT, Campana MG, Bradley DG, Edwards CJ (2012). Phylogeographic, ancient DNA, fossil and morphometric analyses reveal ancient and modern introductions of a large mammal: the complex case of red deer (Cervus elpahus) in Ireland. Quaternary Science Reviews 42: 74-84.

Dowd M, Carden RF (2016). First evidence of a Late Upper Palaeolithic human presence in Ireland. Quaternary Science Reviews 139: 158-163.

Woodman P, Dowd M, Fibiger L, Carden RF & O'Shaughnessy J (2017). Archaeological excavations at Killuragh Cave, Co. Limerick: a persistent place in the landscape from the Early Mesolithic to the Late Bronze Age. The Journal of Irish Archaeology 26: 1-32. 

Carden RF, Higham TFG & Woodman PC (2020). A reconsideration of the radiocarbon dating of the Marine Isotope Stage 3 fauna from southern Ireland. Boreas 49: 674-684.

Bergstrom A ....with 50+ coauthors inlcuding Carden RF, Jennings RP, Skoglund P (2022). Grey wolf genomic hisotry reveals a dual ancestry of dogs. Nature 607: 313-320.

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